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Thread: I want rare games(Donkey Kong 64, conker's bad fur day) on my wii

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    Angry I want rare games(Donkey Kong 64, conker's bad fur day) on my wii

    is there any way of getting DK64 or conkers bad fur day on my wii? i would use wii64 but i want to play the games at full speed. i know microsoft owns rare games but they were on the nintendo. there has got to be a way to get them on the wii. if we can be able to hack the wii we should be able to get the games we want

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    Unfortunately for you, people don't seem to help one-posters. And Wii64 is probably your only option.
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    there is not any way at all to rare games on wii? is there any way to get wii64 games to run at full speed?

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    Be patient, they're fixing the emulator for you, probably getting a lot done on it over the holiday vacation. LOOK HERE. And that was almost 2 months ago.

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    VC Wad injection. Your best bet, but not guaranteed to work either... Give it a shot though.

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