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Thread: Why it's not recommended to restore your NAND if you've Bootmii installed as an IOS ?

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    Why it's not recommended to restore your NAND if you've Bootmii installed as an IOS ?

    my Wii came with system menu 4.0. I read the tuto "New 3.1-4.1 softmod for any Wii" and I did the steps in the right order. The result : it works perfectly and I can play backup games. I did a NAND backup sucessfuly and put the precious files on my PC as is highly recommended. However, I installed Bootmii as an IOS (anyway, in my case, I don't have any choice !!). But if my Wii get bricked, it's not recommended to restore it by Bootmii installed as an IOS. What 's the right way to process a recovery ? Note that I update my firmware to 4.1 and I don't install priiloader. I just skip b and c at the "5.The final step" (see tuto). I suppose that the answer is in this application (priiloader) ? If yes, can I install it after I installed all the wads from the wad folder (step 5d) ?

    Thank you very much.

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    Bootmii is installed as an IOS. IOSs are loaded later in the wii's boot sequence. Meaning, its not possible to do an 'entire' dump. The RestoreMii in bootmii/IOS is kind of unreliable and to access it you need a way to load homebrew channel prior to bricking. Priiloader is capable of loading into homebrew channel and allowing you to fix the problem from there (Once its not a full brick of course). Bootmii as boot2 can save you from a full brick because boot2 is loaded before the system menu and IOS.

    To avoid full bricks, do NOT accept any updates and do NOT Uninstall ANY IOS under 200. If you plan on installing .wads, Priiloader is recommended. A Bad wad can cause a bannerbrick (System Files are corrupted message). Priiloader allows you to go into homebrew and un-install the wad that did that.

    Along explaination for a few questions, I know but its just to help clear things up for you.

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    Thx a lot to took few minutes to answered me. I very appreciate. You're index is very helpful !


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