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Thread: Xbox360 Arcade

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    Xbox360 Arcade


    I am addicted to Texas Holdem on Xbox Live... Anyone else play?

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    I haven't purchased any arcade games for awhile.

    When I got my replacement 360 back, I couldn't play the games I had purchased unless I was connected to Live. If I was offline they reverted back to the demo version. I phoned support and a hour and a half later and setting up a new gamertag, they tell me they'll phone me back with codes to use to redownload the games. That was almost 3 months ago and they haven't phoned back.

    Haven't felt like going through the hassle again to get the refund (lost my reference number) and now I'm hesitant to buy any games.

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    Yes, now that would suck..

    My 360 froze for the first time yesterday... twice.. i wonder if thats a sign of things to come... i have only had it for 2 weeks.


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