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Thread: Our Newest Community ~ !!!!!

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    Our Newest Community ~ !!!!!

    We would like to announce
    the opening of the New
    DSi Gaming Community is now open!!!!

    As this forum is new and still a baby...
    feel free to visit and contribute with
    Threads / Guides / Game & Cart Reviews / Homebrew

    Basically what you, the members would like to see on your new community

    ~~Welcome All~~
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    Wow that's pretty sweet. Can't wait to mod my DSi
    YES! I finally finished my Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas port for Mac! I'm so happy

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    I know it is very neat..... and im already a member and waiting to hack my ds more and more

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    Oh wow looking forward to that. ya baby

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    sounds epic:

    If I helped you at all or contributed in any way please hit the lil' thanks button!!!

    Full Hacking Guide 4.2 System Menus Virginize Any 4.2 Softmodded Wii

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    nice. will have to check out

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    Wow I bet that sites great if its good as this one. I hadn't messed with my ds lite for about a year. I really only use my psp for shoutcast
    and the ds lite just stood in its case. I took it out today and played some mario kart ds and actually got a few races in. That was real fun. I got the korg ds-10 for my ds too. Gonna have to get into that one.


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