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Thread: Beatles RB via USB Loader issue

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    Beatles RB via USB Loader issue

    I'm using GX. Every other game I have works fine. I have no problems with any of the other 'instrument games' via usb loader.

    Weird part is... Beatles loads up just fine for me. I can get into the game and select my songs and everything. But when I try to start the songs, it goes to the loading screen and just stays there. It won't load the music. It never actually freezes, it just keeps trying to load. I even hear the old school announcer clips it normally plays with the cheering background while it tries to load.

    Anyone else had this problem? Know of any fixes for it?

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    I have never had this exact problem, but I use switched to uLoader 3.5 instead of USB Loader GX when my Beatles didn't work.


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