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Thread: Formatted external HDD with USB GX loader now PC won't read HDD!

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    Formatted external HDD with USB GX loader now PC won't read HDD!

    I had an NTFS file system on my WD external HDD. I put a couple ISOs on it and plugged it into my wii. The wii read the drive but said it must be formatted and asked it I would like to format. At first I didn't because I knew it was recently formatted and had games on it. So I pressed return and it kept me at the white screen with no games listed etc. I then remembered someone mentioning a different file system other than NTFS for wii games. I rebooted the WII and I allowed it to format the external HDD this time and it actually read it perfectly (had a time on it and said 0 games). I now went to my PC to put games on it since I figured it was in the perfect format needed for WII and my PC won't recognize the HDD anymore. What should I do?

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    Ok now I got it to read. Problem is it won't recognise the new file system and asks me to format again! -.-

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    use wbfs should work

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    once u format it for the wii it wont work on the computer unless u have a file or program to read that format type

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    Ok let's close this thread please lol


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