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Thread: UPDATED..Oct 30/ and act accordingly

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    Thumbs up UPDATED..Oct 30/ and act accordingly

    now added the 'marketplace' section, this is a Advertising Thread and Feed back Thread for each of the sponsors...(limited)

    EDIT:Any commercial enterprise who is NOT a current sponsor SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY THREAD AT ALL IN tHE SPONSORED SECTION.If you wish to be 1 of the limited number of sponsors in the Professional Installers /Stores forum....PM me

    another edit: Unsponsored Threads will be deleted....failure to follow the rules may not be such a good Idea..

    The buy/sell section is only for non-commercial postings..means 'absolutely no dealers and enforced


    Commercial entities who are not sponsors should save their ad posts if they wish to..ASAP....

    Starting July 31 in PM...there will be some minor upgrades and at that time all non-sponsored commercial threads will be removed . Any sponsored threads will be moved to the
    Professional Installers /Stores forum ...

    The older posts will be removed also....

    UPDATE...Oct/08... Recommended Pro Installer Section...have proven to be very beneficial to our sponsors.....not only from this site ...but from google, kijiji, and many other sites every one is indexed.

    ***For new proven sponsors there is a NEW INTRODUCTORY RATE and more.**** contact me for more info on how to benefit...****

    UPDATE OCT 30/08

    • This section is only for non commercial entities....and sponsors(only with special permission from me)

    • failure to heed the rules will result in deletion and warning including temporary ban.....

    • 2nd time permanent ban....there is no strike 3 here.

    Hammer falls today unless you reach me before...some of you have already been warned
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