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Thread: already @ 4.2u

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    already @ 4.2u

    Hey guys and gals, I just ordered my drive-key chip the other day and my luck, my son updated the wii's firmware to 4.2 . So I will still install the chip but I am led to believe that I can no longer play Pal games or backups.Is this so? Will I still be able to run the ntsc backups & also can I still purchase songs for RB2 (original disc) through the online store or is this discouraged? 1 last thing, I know that the drivekey will stop other regions from updating games but should I also stop ntsc region games from updating or is this o.k ? Thanks for the input. And before it's mentioned a soft-mod is out of the ? for me, it's to risky to brick when the kids(and I ) use the wii all the time.. Thanks again

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    Depending on how new your Wii is, the chip will work fine on 4.2 with backups. You can still download songs, you can still play online (even with backups).
    The only prob with 4.2 is that you can only play games of the same region. IE....NTSC for a North American console.
    Updates from discs are safe for every game that is out now, including the new super mario bros.

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    My wii is from 2008 so just the firmware is new(4.2) Thanks


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