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Thread: USB Loader Help

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    USB Loader Help


    I have been using usb loader gx for some time now as i save all my games to my external hd and play /copy all my games through it,

    For some reason i cant copy or play any of the latest releases and the wii asks me to update the system !

    If i copy the r878.dol file to the usb folder will this fix the problem ? if not can someone please help me ?

    Cheers many thanks for your help


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    are u getting some kind of error?

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    hi thanks for the reply,theres no error coming up.

    It just wont let me copy or play any latest release game, the disc channel just lights up red and asks me to update my system.

    I just borrowed shaun white snowboarding it played and copyd fine but then call of duty 4 didnt and itasked me to update system the same with knockout party, guitar hero greatest hits,any thoughts ?


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