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Thread: New to wii modding needing some info

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    New to wii modding needing some info

    I am going to buy a Wii with softmod and 500gb hd, but I have a few questions I would like to know before i buy it as I would rather find out from other places rather than ask the guys selling it.

    1, I was told that you need the twilight hack to save isos to the hd, but I was also told that the twilight hack isn't very safe to use, is this true?

    2, Which is better soft mod, hard mod or both, burning discs or saving them doesn't really matter.

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    1.the twilight hack is for gettings the homebrew on the wii but its an old method and we use bannerbomb now. It does not have anything to do with HDD.
    To add games to ur HDD u need something like WBFS manager. go here to find out more:
    Look for "WBFS Manager - Format Wii Drive and Adding Game ISOs" and it will tell u how to add ur iso games.

    2.since ur getting a HDD with the wii, u wont need hardmod since all ur games will be on the HDD so there is not much point to it. In my opinion softmod is better.


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