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Thread: Do i need a different cios?

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    Do i need a different cios?

    I have waninkoko's sd/usb loader 1.5 as a channel and i have cios38r14 installer some games are not booting like the new super mario wii i just get a green screen can someone help?

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    i have cIOS rev14 and NSMB works fine so i dont think cios is ur problem

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    Waninkoko's USB Loaders are out of the picture for loading newer games, but if you had cIOS38 rev16 then NSMB should work with that loader, but I think that cIOS38 rev16 breaks more than it fixes, and there are other games that probably will not work with rev16 and that loader, you should get better compatibility using a more up to date USB Loader and install cIOS38 rev14. The 3 most popular usb loaders are WiiFlow, Configurable USB Loader, and USB Loader GX. Give all 3 of them a try and decide which is best for you.
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