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Thread: External HDD question for backup games

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    External HDD question for backup games

    I read somewhere on this forum that the HDD had to be formatted in something other than NTFS. It wasn't FAT32 or anything like that. Is this true? Or will NTFS external HDD allow me to play games on my wii? I already completed all the steps and I have USB loader GX ready to go.
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    NTFS should allow u to play games.
    look here if u need more info
    U can format a partition as fat or fat32 for homebrew apps but games should be on ntfs

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    try useing wbfs

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    Can't still make my wii play my backups.

    If I install something like usb loader o coverfloader, will this problem be fixed?

    Will it work on my v3.1u?
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    DIAZ stop jacking peoples thread fag. and thanks dami but now it wasnt reading the NTFS format and wii asked if i would format the drive. I formatted it and now i believe it's either WBFS or FAT32. The only problem now is my PC isn't reading the drive... now what?

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    you need to download and install the wbfs for your computer. try this link[URL="
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    You need WBFS Manager.
    It will format your drive (or primary partition) to the WBFS standard (a format in which the windows os itself can not read) only then and ONLY then will your HDD be able to be mounted and then disc images played.


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