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Thread: Need help with USB loaders

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    Need help with USB loaders

    I just got a new wii running on 4.2u I have softmoded excatly to your specs. Everytime I load a game on the USB loader gx or others I can load a game gets to the wiimote screen then nothing just stays on that screen. Theni have two other games that well load but as soon as it needs to load into a game it freezes. I am complety lost and don't understand what I'm doing wrong.
    Thanks mikdank

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    how and what are you burning your ISO's with
    and on what kind of media?

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    I am using windows xp and using wfbs manager v3.0 to tranfer the iso files i tryed to drop the rar file first that didn't work so I extracted te files and then added it and still have the same problem

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    Some of the games are mario kart, toy story, and mairo gal there is others that I have tried bit they all do the same thing

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    try to search Hermes CISO222/223 & install it.
    i found problem like you until that ciso installed

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    thanks ill try it and let you know how it goes

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    still did not work the toy story game asks what lang. i select eng. then says loading and nothing happens. mario kart goes to the wiimote screen a stays on it. then mario galxy i can get to the part where u start the game then blank screen. so lost


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