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Thread: Guitar Hero Customs and GH Aerosmith

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    Ok so tonight I wanted to play GH Aerosmith but I load it up and it wants to perform the update. Well the GH Aerosmith version is a Pal version and I have a U-NTSC system.

    So to play the game you have to brickblock it first and region override. Also you gotta have the new firmware 3.3 or it will tell you an error code.

    So here was my dilema

    3.3 update disables "custom" versions of Guitar Hero 3.

    GH2, GH1, Rock the 80's, Cosmo, Rockband clone, Last Hour, and Dave mode will not not load.

    So if you like the customs you might not wanna update. But if you wanna play Guitar Hero Aerosmith on a wii you might need update.

    So I went from 9 versions of GH to 2 because of the update.

    Now with some versions you can just insert GH3 and then do a swap of the disk. It will have to incorrect titles for songs but you can play some different songs.

    Hopefully the scene will come out with some fixes so we can load custom wii games again.
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    Had the same problem. But now I can get the other's to work with by running Freeloader through Homebrew channel. Sure, it's an extra step - but it beats not playing it at all. I only have the Rockband clone, GHI/80's, and GHII versions. Where can I get the others?

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    I'm purchasing a mod chip in the near future, and these GH mods are probably the games I want to play most, but I'm updated to 3.3, can they still be played with this firmware?

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    yes they can you will have to load through freeloader or geckos

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    Ah I see, sounds good, thanks

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    I have a newer Wii that was bought in the last month or two with software version 3.1U

    I am able to play Guitar Hero: Aerosmith with no problems. The copy I have is a pal copy that has been brickblocked and region override with WIU. My modchip is the D2PRO9 v2 presoldered to a wii-clip. I can provide pictures if needed.

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    Question GHI/80's screen flashes after using geckos in HB

    I have GHI/80's and a 3.3u wii. I tried using the geckos 1.5b to load the disc, and it loaded the game correctly but it seems to be running the game in PAL, I have an NTSC system. Basically the screen is flashing.

    the problem is there is no options menu in the GHI/80's, and with geckos loaded through Homebrew I tried the default options and was not sucessful so I tried going into the options menu and clicked "force NTSC" and language "English" -still the screen would flash when loaded. Now I have heard Freeloader works but is there one for homebrew (loaded off sd?) and does anyone have a link? otherwise do i get the dvd image of Freeloader and load it through geckos? any other ideas? thanks in advance!

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    I have another question to add to this thread as well, I was wondering if anyone else has any sound problems with their customs. Mine seem to load fine, but when i go to play a song, there will often be a delay or skipping of the music. Is it just a bad burn? Or is there something else?

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    Okay, I'm hoping someone can help me out.
    My current status: Have an updated NTSC Wii (updated to most recent firmware, 3.3u). Have a WiiKey installed. All my burned games have always worked, no problem, including GH3 and Aerosmith.

    I do NOT currently have Freeloader, Geckos, or WAD installed. I'm not really sure about these things, I don't really know what they are/do. So to be clear, the ONLY modification on my Wii is a modchip that is installed, there is NO alterred software.

    My question: Is there any way to play custom GH3 discs, like the Rock Band Cosmos edition and Gh1/2/80's? I've read that since I've already updated to 3.3 I can't install the software needed to run these things.

    Anyways, I'm not sure what to do to make those things work, or if there is any way.

    So: Can I play the custom discs? If yes, can anyone walk me through what I need to do? IE: What I need to install and in what order? (And how?)


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    Red face

    I had a breakthrough and my guitar hero custom rock band cosmo edition -its working after using geckos in homebrew with a d2pro 9 and 3.3u! so it is possible to play these custom discs, although I still cannot get my guitar hero 1/80s disc to play without a flashing screen -I even regionfriid it after hearing that might fix the problem. so maybe the cosmo iso is the only one that works.

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