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Thread: its a sad christmas my friends..

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    Thumbs down its a sad christmas my friends..

    ok so i guess taking responsibility is the first step in moving forward, so im going to tell you guys what happened..

    i installed hbc and dvdx, and bannerbomb i guess 4.2sys menu mods/hacks on a new wii from sd card.. then i tried running backups, and after getting really frustrated decided to just uninstall all of it... i uninstalled bootmi and dvdx and hbc then was on one menu with rock music from one particular menu and i froze so i guess i removed an important ios and went for a hard reset.. im sorry if im vague i just was trying to restore things back to original and im kind of ignorant.. Since this isnt my gift and im a fkn dumb@ss for breaking something that isnt mine i wanted to try and fix it... now when i boot the wii up i get normal lights and stuff but no video or a black screen on and my priiloader nolonger comes up anymore... so im guessing this is a full brick.... I was hoping maybe in the unlikely chance i would be able to fix this ive had many systems modded in the past and i was foolish to try and do this in 2 days with no prior knowledge on this particular system, but i wont stoop to as low as trying to return something i broke which is ethically wrong.. im sorry if this post is in the wrong place and if i offended any mods, I swear im already suffering greatly for this since i am very poor, and am getting screamed at by family and friends...

    thankyou for your consideration

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    ok soo i did some more reading and i guess i might need savemii, but this is 50$ is it worth it to buy?

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    Sounds like a goner. Give this a read for any possible fixes.
    OH SH*T: Black Screen of WII!!!
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    have a gamecube controller?

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    im going next to do the gamecube controller trick, however without a newer update than 4.2 being available no i believe its not possible, but since this is a low level brick, i dont believe there are any other options.. but if i was to go the modchip route with some sort of forced boot injection or pre-loader which one would i purchase???

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    before you do a hardmod read up on it. and then decide.

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    do you know how to do it with a game cube controller? i bricked my wii and my stupid butt didnt install bootmii but it worked

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    for savemiifrii break/remove surface of gc controller in slot 4 and press d pad buttons simultaniously before booting of wii and then switch power on.... then menu should load in bottom corner then load game with new update passed one currently avaliable installed... this i assume is the only way to run recovery mode on a low level brick correct me if im wrong??

    thx 4 u support guys

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    when i did mine i turned it on and held down the d-pad all dirrections at once and it took a little while but it booted back up before i was getting a black screen and that was it.

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    i assume u then inserted update dvd from any game that has it on and savemefrii worked??? this wii has 4.2 from factory.. i will take it apart if i have too if something can be done.. but savemii is the only way huh..

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