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Thread: Srsly... DVDs and USB

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    Srsly... DVDs and USB

    Hi, I'm a n00b and I have no idea how to start.
    I tried to download HackMii into my 1GB (is that enough?) USB, and Wii does not recognize it. It is version 3.4 by the way.
    Then, I tried to burn games into disks so my Wii could read them, but nothing happens.
    What am I doing wrong? Or what am I not doing? I have (exaggeratedly) endless DVDs to burn, so that is OK. I only have 1 USB available now and for some reason my Wii won't read any USBs but only SDs?
    I also downloaded aad1f_v108 and USBLoader GX v.1.0.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    go into the tutorials and softmod 3.1-4.1 and follow that step by step and it shuold work fine. I had an old 4gb sd card and formated it and put on the root of the drive the files needed and then followed the steps.

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    There are alot of things you're doing wrong. First of all, you need an sd card to softmod, a USB will not work.

    Second of all, you wouldn't be able to load a Backup unless you've installed a custom IOS which is part of the softmodding process. Even then, you won't be able to load from the disc channel, you'll have to use a backup launcher.

    If you plan on loading backups from the disc channel, you can install cIOSCorp after you've completed the softmod. Though you should read about cIOSCorp before installing and Read OVER and Over. Only install cIOSCorp if you know what you are doing. cIOSCorp can be very dangerous. This tutorial will show you how to softmod:

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