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Thread: New Wii Game Manager

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    New Wii Game Manager

    **** I did not make this, this is just the text for it ****

    What is this program:
    If you are here probably already know but, this is a program for managing a Wii game collection on your PC.
    Previously Simple WBFS File Manager this program has been completely rewritten form scratch and renamed to something more suitable.
    It is written to add a GUI to wbfs_file.exe written by Oggzee.

    What it does:
    By using wbfs_file.exe written by Oggzee, this program can convert .iso and .wbfs files to the oppisite format, it can also add and remove these files to a WBFS formatted partition.
    It will also maintian your game cover collection

    What it does not do:
    It does not include support for formats other than .iso, .wbfs and WBFS Partitions
    It does not download games nor will it tell you where to get them

    This application can be broken on purpose if you try hard enough, telling the app to delete a game and then immediately telling it to process the same game in some way will cause the function to fail or the app to crash. I will be working on stopping this from happening in the next version.
    Also, it does not currently check for duplicate requests, you can tell it to resplit your files 20 times and it will do it.
    These are known bugs, I chose to release this version this way as I did not want to delay it any further. The main functionality of the program is 100% so these small annoyances can be fixed in the next version

    Version 1.0 with wbfs_file.exe 2.5 can be found here: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    I hope you find this program useful, be sure to post your suggestions/thoughts/bugs so I can make it even better

    A note about wbfs_file.exe - This program includes an embedded copy of wbfs_file.exe. If the file does not exist it will be extracted when it is needed. this file will only be extracted if it does not exist in the application directory. This means that you can overwrite the copy that is extracted by the program and it will not remove the one you put there with the embedded one. This give you the option of upgrading wbfs_file if you choose to. Please keep in mind that the embedded version is the version it was written to work with and upgrading or downgrading it can have unexpected results. You do so at your own risk.

    A few known "quirks" and bugs with version 1.0

    This program makes use of titles.txt if it exists(it will also download it for you if you choose) it will however function without it by using the internal gameID and title from each file.
    A note about internal naming: It sux use titles.txt

    ---Download Covers
    if no folders have been selected for covers the program will default to the location it resides in, this will cause 3d, disc and full cover downloads to fail as the files will already exist when the flat cover downloads. Be sure to set your cover paths when first starting the program.

    ---Custom Titles
    Custom title creation and management is disabled in this version, it will be fixed in the next version

    ---WBFS Formatting
    This has been intentionally left out of this version until further testing.

    ---Select all games not on drive(x) or in folder(x)
    This function is not yet implemented, it will be in the next version.

    ---Open WBFS Partition:

    -Occasionally the drive type and size are not displayed properly. This is simply a display bug and does not hinder the program. I will attempt to track this down, but it is a low priority.

    -Nothing is displayed in the list when attempting to open a WBFS partition that is currently transferring files.
    This is expected behaviour, you cannot access a WBFS partition when it is in use.

    ---Open .wbfs and .iso Files:

    -It takes a very long time to process files
    Depending on the number of titles you are attempting to view, this list could take awhile to build. If you are recursing subdirectories that time can be even longer. Recurse the root of c: and it could take a full minute or so.
    This program validates each title to make sure certian conditions exist in the file before it is added to the list in an attempt to make sure it is a valid Wii image. A typical list of 300 titles should not take more than 5-10 seconds and a small list of 20-50 should take around 1-3 seconds. Keep in mind that speeds are also relative to your PC speed.

    -Attempting to open .wbfs and one of my games is missing and it was just there.
    If you are currently working with that game it will not be displayed in the list. ie: if you told the program to transfer the game to a WBFS partition and then clicked open .wbfs files again that game would be missing from the list.

    -I open .iso files and it says processing X number of files but only a few show up in the list, why?
    This program will open each file individually and check to make sure it is a valid wii image. I those checks fail, the file is not added to the list. ie: if the .iso is a music cd image the program will find it, check it, fail and move on.

    ---Main list:

    -The list does not reflect changes made. ie: if you move a game title it does not disappear from the list and the new location does not appear.
    I am aware of this problem, It will be fixed in the next version. This version requires manual update of the list when performing copy/move/delete actions

    ---Log List:

    -The log has very limited information
    The log was not at the top of my priorities, it will be more verbose in the next version

    ---Copy/Move Functions:

    -I copied/move my .iso and the resulting file is larger
    This program uses standard windows copy/move routines, hence if you create an iso file it will be sparse, however when you copy or move the file the resulting file will be full size and no longer sparse.

    -I moved my games but the original location is now full of empty directories
    This program does not handle directory deletion. It is made to handle the files themselves, not the directories they reside in. This may be added later.

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    For the latest updates of Wii Game Manager see:
    Wii Game Manager -

    (Newer version exists)

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