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Thread: Modern Warfare: Reflex F.C.

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    Exclamation Modern Warfare: Reflex F.C.


    If your going to add me, You may as well add all my friends, too. And if your going to that, you may as well visit the website I made, to see if their is any updates like clan wars.

    No, this isn't a clan invite. It's just a group of friends that visit a website for information and play Reflex.

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    PMed you on the other site and adding everyone now.
    Please add:

    AK MarineOne, 513725474229

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    Added u, fc is 16087428377 Ty

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    FC for relex just started playing


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    hey i added yu in another post but yu didnt add me zintendo
    COD:MWR: 3630 0392 9059
    Wii Console:3797 2712 3045
    MK: :2364 7155 8379
    COD: WAW:2751 2583 3015
    SSBB:4468 7385 5224
    Wanna Battle, Race, or Match just pm me

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