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Thread: Dvd Error 1011

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    Dvd Error 1011

    My wii has been working swell for the past few months. But today, when i finished downloading "bully" i put it in neogamma and it worked. But only for a little bit. After about 10 minutes, it said that there was an error and i had to remove my disc. So i restarted my wii, and now i got the 1101 error. I will not work with any of my other games that previously worked. Im not sure if anyone noticed this but, when i got the error, i noticed that the disc inside my wii was not able to be read. There were not signs of a disc being read inside the wii, it was just silent.I have searched around, and it seems as if no one has an answer. Thanks if you can help!

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    I have a good feeling that the wii has lost the ability to read discs. I was able to load Gamecube games directly on the system menu, but now when i pop it in, it doesnt run at all, no signs of a disc rotating or anything. Seems as if my only option is to open up the wii and see if anything is wrong.

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    How long have you had your wii?

    Do you use DVD+R or DVD-R?
    DVD+R is known to stress out the laser and reduce its life. To reduce errors and reduce stress on your laser it would have been advised to use Verbatim DVD-R.

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    Exactly the same as my first Wii which I bought second hand. Error 1011 and wouldn't read any discs it turned out to be the laser in that. Get onto Nint, I did
    It's amazing what you find when you use the search function ! Use it. It's free !

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    Had my wii for well over 3 years, and im using dvd-r. Im going to take a look in my wii xD.

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    I have seen videos, where people have commented that the laser has been dislocated or something. So it seems as if that might be the problem lol. Kinda wierd because this happend 10 minutes after inserting a game o_o

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    softmod your wii and you will never need the drive :-D

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    Sadly, it is soft modded, but i guess i bricked it, and had to use neogamma xD. Well now i've moved on to usb loaders ahha. Too bad a i cant rip the hundreds of games i've downloaded cause my wii cant read the disc T-T Yay!

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    If all of those games are on high quality DVD-R discs that haven't been scratched, smudged etc. You can copy them and install them onto your hard drive. Here's a tutorial on copying your backups:

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    For anyone wondering, i have confirmed that my wii laser is dead. I'll be moving on to hdd's lol


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