Here are some games I've played they are in somewhat of a chronological order. Feel free to comment, but give us a quick thoughts about the games you played.

1. Wii Sports- Great when you have nothing else to play. Great game if you want to play a multiplayer game which is quick and easy to get used to or have family over and want to have a friendly competition. Cheap date perhaps?

2. Twilight Princess- Amazing, One the best graphics I seen for the wii. If you haven't played previous 3d Zelda games you might get stuck on maps but look around and explore. Its fun once you get the hang of it. You don't get stronger but you get new/upgraded weapons. Fun combat style, not annoying, not as repetitive as other wii games. Took me 6x hours to beat the game including doing mini games and side quest still have 2 heart containers to go. 10/10

3. Brawl- Amazing, subspace emissionary takes plenty of time to compete and you are able to get all the characters this way. There different difficulty modes ranging from easy to intense. There's a lot more to unlock then characters. Custom maps~you can create box map which takes 300%+ to do a KO. Nice online play. 9.5/10

4. Medal of Honor Vanguard~ Short game but nice graphics, The missions are too clear on what you have to do. Do missions get medals. You can change difficulties if you want to get more out of it. On easy you can go gun blazing and be fine. 6/10

5. COD Modern warfare Reflex~ You need at least 30' screen bigger better. Some missions are annoying and can get frustrating because of the wiimote. But you have to adjust settings and controls that works best for you. Online play is nice and smooth liked it better than the story mode. Better than Vanguard. 8/10

6. Mario Party 8~ Just like all the other mario parties. Good use of wiimote and there are fun and like the overall board game feel to it. Fun multiplayer or solo. Great if you want a change from brawl, Zelda, and COD. Kind like wii sports minigames but much more

7. battalion wars 2~ A cartoony war game like COD. NOT FIRST PERSON. If you like shooting games it not to bad but it seemed kinda repetitive and boring. Got bored of it after playing for an hour.

8. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn~I liked it. Its style is similar to Final Fantasy Tactics. You have find out works for you and what characters you'd find useful. I found the story to get better and better but then I lost interest as it progressed because too much plot changes and what not. I believe there are some features of Radiant dawn if combined with Tactics would make for amazing game.

9. Dragon Quest Swords The mask majora~ I liked it first but its seemed to repetitive. The French girl gets annoying. Relative fast game. You have to be good with the wiimote. Also, very hard to doge attacks since you can move as much as the enemies.

10. FFCC Crystal bearers~ Cutscenes are nice voice acting is like reading lines. Combat is interesting but it gets annoying when you can't do what you're trying to do by missing the target etc. Pretty average storyline

11. wii play~ imagine wii sport but with some more games

12. Need for speed carbon. You can get lost. decent graphics/cutscenes Had to use nunchuck to control the car. haven't played it much. Driving is kinds like mario kart.

13. Star Wars Force Unleashed~ Haven't beaten the game yet. But fun if know the inputs nice use of wiimote. Great movement and story seems good so far. Definitely worth trying if you like starwars.

14. Tales of Symphonia~ I played very little into the game can't give adequate response, but I am going to continue this game

15. Resident Evil 4~ Fun, scary and intense! Camera focus is VERY annoying. I played 6 hours into the game still have to beat it. 30"+ screen recommended and surround sound!

16. Final Fantasy Fable: Chocobo Dungeons~ VERY nice cutscene, just started the games completed 3 dungeons. Seems easy so far. I feel like this game is going to be VERY repetitive unless you play with variety of classes.