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Thread: To USB or not to USB? That is the question!

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    To USB or not to USB? That is the question!

    Hey guys,

    I have recently unlocked my Wii using the instructions on this site and I'm pretty sure that it worked. (At least it didn't blow up in the process and I can still play my shop bought Wii games on it)

    So, I have downloaded a game, burnt it using a verbatim dvd-r (yes I did my homework), load it using neogamma, but I just get "no dvd" error.

    Now I could spend another 6 days downloading another game on the off chance that it will work, and waste another disc, or I could just accept the fact that I may very well have one of these great Wii's that can't play copied dvd's.

    So, my question would be. Do I buy a USB drive? It's a lot of money to spend if it's not going to work. Or to even realise later that my Wii will play copied dvd's but that I was doing something wrong.

    And then, if I do buy a USB drive. What one do I buy? I'm pretty good with technology (what with being a girl and all!) but the jargon on the sites does go a little over my head!

    So what would you recommend?



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    Personally I think USB HDD>DVD-R Disk. You can put a boat load of games on the external HDD and play them all through a usb loader program. No more changing disk to play games! If the serial on your Wii is LU64+ don't even bother burning any more disk.
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    usb hdd is the way to go if ure serial# is lu64 or higher i dont think u can play burnt games

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    I think USB is the way to go whether your Wii can read burnt games or not. My USB drive powers down when I turn off the Wii, so I just leave it plugged in all the time and I can change games without getting up.

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    USB HDD is the way. Get a Western Digital My Passport. Nice drive, usb powered and very small. Get a white one it looks nice next to the wii.

    Try to play a factory dvd movie with mplayer, if that doesn't work you probably have the drive that won't play copies or dvds. I have neogamma and it works, but I have not burnt many copies adn don't use it much. I have been using wiiflow, which is very nice.

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    i was going to go with the buring of dvds but then i remember i had an old 80gb laptop drive laying around so i said what the heck lets try that. So i followed all the instructions on how to set the drive up. at first i tried to use usb loader gx but all i got was a blank wii screen. then i decided to try wiiflow and it worked like a charm. the ui is very easy to use and very eye catching. i have about 16 backups right now on the hdd and it took up only 22gb. so if you have at least a 250gb hdd then that would work. I really dont of that many games i would personally download that would fill that up. try the different loaders out and see which on works for you. its crazy how easy it is and thanks to everyone on this site that helped out and there hard work.


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