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Thread: Missing ios 236

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    Ca Missing ios 236

    Hey guys, so I follewed the 4.2 modding guide, and everything seems allright except when i try to load USB loadder GX. It tries to reload into ios 236, but cant find it, so it reloads into ios 36. Seems all well and good, i can rip games to the HD, download all the info and case pics for them. Unfortunately I can't play any of them. Any tips or ideas on what I did wrong and where?

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    Sorry, I guess I should have menntioned that I am on 4.2u and have no problems loading games off burnt dvd's. I just would rather be using this hard drive.

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    I am having the same issue did u find a solution to this ?

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    Here is a thread that one member had a similar problem with IOS236,

    I think it's a bug in the loader.

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    nope, didn't remedy it... I just made sure i was not trying to load games through the default ios... For me, 222 works perfectly... not loadding into the proper ios wasn't actually my problem... Just go into game load settings and adjust...

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