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Thread: d2pro on a d2b problem

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    d2pro on a d2b problem

    I soldered the 5 pin D2B install with a d2pro chip..
    Constant red light and no drive motor working.

    soldered g, h, j, gnd, 3v3.

    What is my problem...

    Hope these pictures help.


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    the soldering isnt that great so that could be a reason, but lets approach the other possibilities. Is the d2pro9 a revision 2 or is it the first one? if its the first one is it updated to 1.1b yet ? If its not 1.1b then that is why its not working.
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    ah ok.... I dont have a programmer, i am not sure what version the chips are.
    Its in the post.

    Its funny, i thought the soldering was the best i did yet lol...but i only chipped 3 machines
    1 with a wasabi chip. The other with one of the d2pro chips on a D2C chipset(worked fine) and this one(d2b)...


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    Soldering looks ok. What do your leds do on start and afterwards?

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    Spyman hit the hammer on the nail with suggesting the version number. I upgraded the chip to v1.1 using a d2prog and it worked!

    Thanks mate!


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