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Thread: Help needed to play Backup discs

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    Help needed to play Backup discs

    Hi all,

    I have recently bought a second hand European wii and need help playing back up games. The wii says that it has version 3.4e installed (although I dont know if it has been updated - if it has will this be indicated anywhere?).

    I understand that I require:
    1. SD card (got a 4GB one formatted in FAT)
    2. Twilight Princess Hack
    3. Homebrew channel
    4. Back up launcher

    Are the above correct or do I also need the original TW game (which I have too).

    I have tried downloading the above and have either been told in the included guides that I either need to install an downgrade to launcg HBC and TW hack or I get told in the HB text to 1st install TW hack and in the TW hack to install HB first....

    Please Help!

    Can anyone direct me to the correct downloads / guide for my system and give me a few pointers?

    Thanks in advance

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    my house? XD
    u do not need the zelda game anymore.
    if u didint mod ur wii yet, just go here:
    since ur on 3.4, u will need internect connection for the upgrade part(step4)
    after ur done and if u exacly followed the tut, just run ur backup games with Neogamma and ur done.

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    I dont understand the guide, it has many holes, no links ,and it acts as if i have everything i need already, then mentions what you need without explaination , which is very confusing

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    my house? XD
    accualy that guide is very simple, it does have links and even videos.
    All the files needed to softmod are on the beggining
    "All you need is an SD card formatted to FAT32, an internet connection on your Wii and these files: DOWNLOAD - MIRROR"
    Click on "DOWNLOAD" or "MIRROR" to download them lol

    and which part of the guide u dont understand?, so we can xplain it.

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    There are no holes in the guide. Follow it exactly and it will work 100%.


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