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Thread: Where do I go from here?

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    Where do I go from here?

    I just bought my Wii a few weeks ago, and just softmodded it using that excellent tutorial on the top for 4.0U Wii. Now I just burned an iso on IMGburn at 1x speed and Neogamma said its a disc read error. Does this mean that I have a D2 chip? If so, what can I do to play backed up games?


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    Play off usb stick, or usb hdd with USB loader GX.

    I just softmodded mine as well a day or two ago, followed messies guide. Section D4 of messies guide, I installed USB Loader GX as a channel. Now I use wbfs manager to copy games to my 32GB usb stick on my PC, then plug the usb stick into my wii, run the channel, and everything runs fine.

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    first check ur chip here, the new chip is called D3-2.
    Wii Drive Chip Database
    If u do then USB loading is all u can do for backup games.
    USB Tut

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    Well I clicked on the Chip Database and searched and mine says:

    * There is a 75% chance the chipset is .
    * And there is also a 25% chance the chipset is GC2-D3-2 (v2) with no drive chip.

    What does this mean?


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