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Thread: Newest Wads?

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    Newest Wads?

    Do we have somewhere where we can get all the newest wads on this site?

    I want snes and nes emulator wads but cant seem to find them anywhere here.


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    u mean u want the Emulators themself? i dont think there are wads for them unless u use a forwarder or something.
    Well anyways go here for downloading emulators
    List of homebrew emulators - WiiBrew
    It will tell u how to set them up(u run them with homebrew channel)

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    Sorry, I will try and make myself more clear:

    I have both the snes and nes emulators both loaded with games and both fully functional. I want to have the emulators show up as channels rather than having to go into homebrew to open them up. I am new to all of this and by my research I thought I needed WAD's to do this.....I may be mistaken. Any help is most appreciated.


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    Some excellent forwarders here. These are still the best looking I've found.
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