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Thread: Stuck on a step

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    Stuck on a step

    I am currently doing this tutorial:

    I am stuck on step 7. It says to get the hacks.ini file which i did. My problem is i have no clue where to put it. It says to move it onto the root but i have no clue what/Where that is. Little help please.... many thanks!

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    I think it means to put it on the SD card (I used the same tutorial last night, but I got stuck at 2 xD) Anyways, I believe the SD card the "root" it is refering to.

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    If your SD card was lets say E: (while in your PC)
    As soon as you click on the SD card in My computer and the SD card appears...that is the root of the SD card...where you would put your files and folder. If you double clicked on a folder on the SD card you would no longer be on the root...Understand???


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