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Thread: USB Loader GX

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    USB Loader GX

    Okay I have the USB Loader GX channel, its not an application on HBC. I can get it run and it runs some games, but others get the 002 error. Now, I know how to fix the error (go into the game settings, and turn the 002 fix to yes), but every time I turn it to yes, it says the I need an SD card (I do have one inserted).

    Now, my SD card is a 4GB PNY. Its empty, and in a FAT file format. So here is my question, what file do I need to download so I can implement the fix and have it save. I have a 4.2U system already softmodded with HBC, and its USB Loader v1.5 I believe (don't quote me on that).

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    I believe Wii only excepts SD cards 2 GIGS and under, not over... Not sure if this helps, but I am running the USB LOADER GX Forwarder (using Homebrew). You know, all of my games run fine except for New Super Mario Bros or any Mario Games, but everything else works fine.

    I'm still trying to figure all of this out...

    I have a wii 4.2/u, USB LOADER GX r866, CIOS r14

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    I've used my 4gb one before, I just don't what files I need, or at least what folder to create so it can save my settings.

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