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Thread: Broken Wii needs SD slot repaired

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    Broken Wii needs SD slot repaired

    So my launch Wii got an SD card caught in the SD slot, dug it out and now the SD slot doesn't work anymore. I removed the Cyclowiz mod chip and switch but my case has a hole in it where the switch was. I called Nintendo to schedule a paid for repair but I am nervous about sending it in.

    I have no homebrew, or anything illegal. I just used the mod chip to play backups and let my kid handle the games as he tends to ruin them with scratches, etc.

    Anyone have any advice?

    FYI, I live in the United States and my Wii is going to the NY Nintendo repair facility.
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    Just to let everyone know, my Wii was out of warranty so I paid the $85 and Nintendo basically gutted my Wii and replaced everything. Including my DMS drive which was replaced with a D3-2

    But at least the SD slot works now, Homebrew channel here I come

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    but hey USB Loading is better anyway....

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    That sucks. Surely they have to get your approval for a repair before gutting your wii? I guess you could buy a different drive board and put it in. Also, I guess the act of giving them your wii basically authorised them to make any repair they felt necessary.

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    Bah, its not a big deal, thats what USB loader is for


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