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Thread: Playing dvd on wii

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    Playing dvd on wii

    first of all thanks to you all as i softmodded my wii and have got all the latest titles working through this site, what i'm after is a simple way to play dvd films on my wii

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    install divx and mplayer

    three things come to mind
    first homebrew channel install and also divix install from there
    if not get divix from home brew channel and also install the mplayer
    make sure use minus dvd at least i find mine wont play dvd plus
    other than that its simple

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    Installed Divx into apps and loaded it on wii but it just keeps going back to main wii screen, its says boot.dol not on sd card or something like that

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    use mplayer ce

    hopefully I attached the file, I'm a little slow. :P

    unzip this, folder should read MPLAYER CE it, then

    open apps folder, should have mplayer ce folder in it

    drag mplayer ce folder into apps folder on sd card.

    If I forgot something or u get an error lemme know. I already had installed mplayer in my apps folder. you may need an mplayer installer or mplayer cios installer. I don't want to attach the mplayer installer file cuz it might be the wrong one. It took me a good while to get the player working...but it works!
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