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    I was hopeing some1 can point in the write direction..i tried to install usb loader on my wii everything is ok the channel is there but when i click on it it counts down 30 seconds then goes back to the main screen...So been looking up on wiiflow and was wondering if there is any vids ect on how to instal it cheers...

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    usb drive

    I only get that if
    1 my USB drive is not plugged in or switched on
    2. Is not plugged into the outside USB slot
    Have you checked USB drive compatibility list

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    yer hard drive is all in and swithched on maybe not installed it write

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    has it been formatted ?

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    yer been formated..just tried it threw neogamma and it loaded a game..i will go and get a harddrive from one of the named ones in the list and see if it works then

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    go westen digital i got a 500g passport one and it works good so far. the way i understand it the W.D. harddrives are the most compatible

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    before i go get a new 1..when i install the usb loader on my wii do ihave to instal any wads or new cios ect???


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