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Thread: Does Nintendo check for softmods?

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    Does Nintendo check for softmods?


    When I play VC games and go to the Wii menu with the wiiremote, a bunch of dead pixels appears. I think the GPU may be faulty, from a defective heatsink. I have a launch wii. In my country we have 5 years of "warranty", if it's defective and you can't blame the user, then Nintedo have to repair it free of charge. But to my question. Do Nintendo check for softmods if I send it to repairs? Of course they want to blame me instead of fixing it, even its clearly their fault having a defective heatsink which has nothing to do with softmodding at all.


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    i would say yes they would but maybe if you make it a virgin Wii then send it they wont.
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    They will see it if BootMii and PriiLoader pops up, yes, but do you guys think its possible to erase all traces? I have a back up of the NAND. I have HBC and Backuplauncher too. And also, have anyone had the same problem with dead pixels appearing with a launch wii?


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