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Thread: Help Hacking Wii 4.2

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    Help Hacking Wii 4.2

    i have wii 4.2e, install HBC and bootmii (using bomb2)
    what do now?
    i am newbie and need help to know hte programs i need install

    (sorry my english)

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    now make a bakup of ur nand.
    install cios, take rev 14 cause rev 15 doesnt have error oo1 fixed and rev 16 cant read backup disc (usb loader works good) on 4.2E. then install all the wads you want to have, backup launcher, usbloader, mplayer, etc. etc.

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    the best thing to do is follow the 4.2 full hacking guide under the tutorial as all you need to do is there. done 3 vigin 4.2e wii's and all have been succesful using that guide.
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    Guitar Hero DLC tutorial


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