I'm a newbie here thank you wiihacks.com!
I have been searching through the forums on Wii Hacks.com and the internet looking for additional information in regards to Black Lines on my Nintendo Wii.I had these problems before I soft modded my Wii, and figured it would not hurt to softmod it since my Wii was messed up anyways.I know it is not my TV because I have tried it on other television sets and get the same thing my connections are good. I have read on other Websites that it is possibly a video card Error due to overheating from wii connect 24 being on.And was wondering if I got a Hard Mod put in if it would rectify the problem / if I could fix the problem somehow? I would not send it to Nintendo because they will charge a $75.00 fee to fix it, I would rather just buy a new Nintendo for that price.
The Black Lines appear on the screen when it shows the WiiMote screen While loading up games and in some games where I am in a dark or foggy/Smokey areas of actual game play.Has anyone had this problem and been able to fix it themselves? it is really annoying.