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Thread: Spoke to soon! priiloader issue

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    Spoke to soon! priiloader issue

    so i am up to the instal of the priiloader, i installed ios70patched (well i believe i did!) and i go to the app in HBC that dosnt have an icon and i hold down B and the plus button and it seems to install ok... at the bottom it says ok or finished or something like that and says wait 5 secs and then i reset but it goes back to the normal wii menu? it dosnt take me to the priiloader menu???? please help asap!!!
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    ok so i got the white menu to come up and it says a few things like system menu what version preloader is etc but when i try and go to system hacks it goes to a white screen? and nothing is there?

    correction it says : couldnt find hacks for system menu version: V482

    can anyone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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