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Thread: SUCCESS! Wii install 4.2E

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    SUCCESS! Wii install 4.2E

    thanks guys for all your help with my stupid questions, but all seems to be working for me!

    one more thing!!

    when I installed bootmii as an IOS I was unable to backup my NAND - it says in the instructions that it is optional?? is this so...? the only reason I couldnt do it is I couldnt use the reset and power buttons and I dont have a gamecube controller! do I need to do this step? and if so to do this step what do i do with my SD card now? I have done the rest of the setup and have only the "apps" and "wads" in the root of the SD card??

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    should I still back up my NAND? and does that mean I have to format my SD card again? someone please help?

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    You should always have a nand backup, it is all that you can do to help yourself if you need to take drastic measures in a situation.

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    so i have already done all the other bits to install everything... what do i need on my SD card to back up NAND? which files do i need out of these???



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