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Thread: Modding using messies guide

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    Modding using messies guide

    Ok I just installed homebrew DVDx and bootmi. The homebrew channel has cios 222 intsaller v4 cios38r14 installer dop ios mod and neogamma. I take it that I did the first part right. Is there anything I should know before I go about the rest of the guide? What are the consequences of changing ios249 and putting the rev14 in? I have been doing a lot of research but I want to be certain before I do these next few steps. I also have to let my family memebers who will use the wii as well what not to do so on and so forth so I need to understand what I am about to do. My wii is brand new and came iwth 4.2. I have read that my drive will not play DVD's, will part D of the guide fix this? I am talking about actual movies as well as any games I will burn to DVD's. One more thing, I installed DVDx when I was installing homebrew and Bootmii but DVDx is not on the homebrew channel. There is no icon for it, is this because I am on 4.2 or is it because I have not fixed the drive yet? Thanks guys for helping me out with this.

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    What you're changing out with regards to ios249 is the one currently installed on your system is just a stub. It performs no function and was only put in place in the 4.2 update to disrupt any already-existant homebrew. All you're doing is taking that useless, dormant file out and replacing it with one that will allow you to play your usb backups and other applications.

    If you have the D3-2 chip which prevents backup discs there is no workaround besides usb loading or buying a WODE. If someone has reported on a serial # close to yours, you can confirm this here: Wii Drive Chip Database

    Dvdx is a hidden channel that gets accessed by other apps to run dvds. If you have the D3-2 chip, to my knowledge, this will have no effect on your inability to play dvds.
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