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Thread: Epic softmod guide of awesome

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    Cool Epic softmod guide of awesome

    Hello, and welcome to the 4.2 homebrew guide for pirates, ninjas, robots, and huge mutant spiders. If you don't have 4.2U, i will update tomarrow with stuff

    The reason i am making this guide is because of messie's "Full hacking guide for 4.2 system menus!!!!". I loved the guide except one thing. Step B. So i is are giving mah creditz to messie because i am using the file in his step C.
    I am also doing this because ima gonna send it to my friends so gimme sum feedback.

    So fellow pirate/ninja/robot/huge mutant spider, do you think you have what it takes?

    It doesnt take that much, only a couple things:

    A wii
    An SD card, make sure its formatted in FAT, if you don't know what that is, then it probably is FAT formatted...
    WinRAR WinRAR
    (Very very)Basic computer skillz
    Time. It looks long, but if you did it a second time i'm sure it would only take you ten minutes without making a nand backup

    In this guide you will get a couple of things on your wii if you follow all steps, but you dont need to do every step.
    Here is some of the stuff:

    The Hombrew channel
    Apps for doing stuff
    Apps for installing stuff
    More goodness

    Now let's do this thing!
    Note: ill make a huge image to go along with the steps. but not now
    Note Note: NEVER update your wee-wee

    Robot's adventure:
    In this part of the guide you will be installing the Homebrew Channel, or HBC for short, through the Hackmii installer. It will also install DVDX bootmii, which can be used to create a NAND Backup of your wii so you can fix it if it get brick'd

    Computer Part:

    Step 1: Download this and extract it using winrar

    It contains:
    Bannerbomb for 4.2 menus
    The hackmii installer
    All the apps you will need for the other parts of this guide (plus some others that you may like)

    Step 2: Insert SD card and bring up the SD window (root of sd card). If you must, and you must, backup the data on your SD Card

    Step 3: Drag the files from the extracted .rar file into the SD window

    Finished. Time to head to your wii

    Wii Part:

    Step 1: Put in the SD and turn on the wii.

    Step 2: Click the small SD card icon in the corner.

    Step 3: A box about being scammed pops up. Click yes

    Step 4: wait a while (like 20 seconds) and press 1 to continue when press 1 to continue pops up

    Step 5: click continue, and there will be three things for you to install, the Homebrew Channel, DVDx, and bootmii. The HBC is a must, but DVDx and bootmii are optional

    Step 6: install the homebrew channel and DVDx just by clicking on it

    Step 7: to install bootmii, click on the Bootmii option. Then click prepare SD. After that, click install as boot2. On some wiis, this will not work. if this is the case with your wii, install as IOS

    Finished. You can now use (most) homebrew apps.

    Optional: Creating the NAND Backup
    This step is optional, but I advise you to do it. It can save your wii when you get Brick Roll'd (AKA when your wii gets bricked). It requires bootmii to be installed. Also, you should have 520+ free space on your SD Card
    Note: bootmii is only navigable with the power, reset, and eject buttons or a gamecube controller. It is possible that the power, reset, and eject buttons won't do anything, so have a GC controller ready.

    Step 1 if bootmii is installed as boot2: turn the wii on.

    Step 1 if bootmii is installed as IOS: Start up the homebrew channel, press home and select the "Launch Bootmii" option

    Step 2: select the settings (the gears) and then select the icon with the SD card and a green arrow

    Step 3: follow the instructions and wait a while... and a while more.

    Step 4: when it finishes, put the SD card in your computer and place the files made from the backup somewhere safe. If you have bootmii installed as boot2 and dont want bootmii to launch up every time you turn on the wii, you can delete the bootmii file.

    Ninja's adventure:
    In this part of the guide you will install IOS 249 to play backups. This step mostly uses WAD manager, and at the end you will have the option of installing some .wads that are channels =D

    Computer Part:

    Step 1: Download this and extract it using winrar
    It contains:
    a folder called bootmii that makes bootmii launch a file.
    Wad file with IOS249, Usb loader GX and WAD Manager(theres an app for that), and neogamma
    stuff to boot up an installer

    Step 2: Insert SD Card and go bring up the SD window.

    Step 3: Drag the files from the .rar file into the SD window. If it asks about the bootmii folder, merge and overwrite all files(vista)/overwrite (xp)

    Finished. Lets go to the wii.

    Wii Part 1

    Step 1: Insert SD Card

    Step 2: if you installed bootmii as boot2: Turn on the wii

    Step 2: if you installed bootmii as IOS: Head over to the Homebrew Channel. Press home and select the "Launch Bootmii" option.

    Step 3: wait for some stuff to pop up. You may experience some flashing. You'll know when its done when you experience some awesome musix.

    Step 4: Press left a whole bunch of times until it says <Do not reload IOS> Then press a to continue

    Step 5: press A once more

    Info for step 6: It will say <WAD installation> somewhere on the screen. If you like, you may press left or right to choose network installation, but i dont see why you would need to, i already had you put the files on your SD Card.

    Step 6: press A and wait

    Result: Yay. You installed IOS250

    Wii Part 2

    Step 1: Head on over to the homebrew channel

    Step 2: Click on the WAD Manager 1.5 app

    Info for step 2: WAD Manager installs WADs which contain info such as Channels, IOSs, and System Menus.

    Step 3: Press A to agree to those silly turns that you are always having to agree to.

    Step 4: It will have <IOS 249> selected. Press right to have it say <IOS 250> and then press A to continue

    Step 5: Make sure SD is selected and press A

    Step 6: Use up and down to navigate. Select IOS 249 and press A to uninstall

    Step 7: go through the waiting process.

    Result: Yay. You deleted IOS249

    Wii Part 3

    Step 1: repeat wii part 1 steps 2-6

    Result: Yay. you installed the same ios you did before but now its installed as ios 249.

    Optional: installing channels that are wads

    Step 1: Do steps 1-5 of Wii part 2

    Step 2: Select the wad and press A to install

    Info on the wads i gave you:
    Neogamma, a backup launcher, is used to... well, lauch backups.
    USB Loader GX is used to load backups files from a WBFS(wii based file system) formatted USB device (such as a flash drive or hard drive)
    WAD Manager: the Wad manager App as a channel. Using WAD Manager to install WAD Manager. Isn't it ironic?
    Note: WiiWare and VC games are wads. They are often pirated. I don't know why i told you that.

    Pirates Adventure:
    ARRRR you ready to install cIOScorp? (lol i had to) cIOScorp is very very very useful. It actually is just a bunch of cIOSs. It lets you do a lot. The only bad thing is that you will get a no vulnerable ios error if you use the hackmii installer again.

    Computer Part:

    Step 1: Read through the stuff here or dont if ur a little smart ass =D

    Step 2: download this: cIOSCORP v3.6 and extract it using winrar.

    Step 3: place corpv3.6M and cIOSCORPv3.6Extra into the root of your sd card.

    Step 4: go into the extracted apps folder and place cIOSCORPv3.6 Main Installer and cIOSCORPv3.6 Extras Installer in the apps folder on your SD Card

    Finished. Lets go play with our wiis

    Wii Part:

    Step 1: with the SD in, head over to the HBC.

    Info 2: READ THIS NOWZ! If you turn off your wii during installation, its bricked... if theres a thunder storm or sumthing dont do it cuz there could be a power outage... i know it sounds funny, but...

    Step 2: find the cIOSCORP Main installer app and load it up.

    Step 3: Wait... dont press anything untill it says its 100% finished.

    Step 4: return to the HBC.

    Step 5: load up the cIOSCORP Extras Installer app.

    Step 6: continue to the selction screen where there are 4 IOSs for you to choose:
    1st IOS: Basically the same as 2. Needed to play GC Backups
    2nd IOS: Basically the same as 1. Needed to play GC Backups
    3rd IOS: Needed for the wii to read dual layer discs. if you have metriod prime trilogy or super smash bros brawl, this is a must.
    4th IOS: Error 001 fix. there already is an error 001 fix thing, but this practically eliminates the error 001.

    Install the first or the second IOS (its actually an MIOS but who gives a whoop)
    and install the 3rd or 4th according to your needs.

    Congrats, your almost finished with this guide

    Huge Mutant Spiders that are friends with Hello Kitty's adventure
    This is just a whole bunch of optional crap, but you may want to read through it.

    Burning backups:
    really simple
    Note: burned games load 2-20 times slower than regular games. if you want fast games check out the usbloader guide below
    Where ta get sum games: I get mine from ilovetorrents, they have almost every single game. They have lotsa games on the pirate bay. Just google search for them.
    Note: For gc games, check out this MultiGame ISO Creator. it jams a bunch of gc isos on to one disc, but be warned, not all games work when theres more than one on a disc. Check out the disc compatability here. When using it, make sure you change the region to the region you are in. You then have to use the gc backup launcher i gave you in the first download

    Step 1: download ImgBurn and install it or use burning software you already have

    Info for step 2: You need to burn onto a DVD-R, NOT DVD+R. You also want it to be 4.7GB.. I used Verbatim 4.7GB DVD-R x16. They are really cheap, but also good.

    Step 2: Insert the disc into your dvd drive (OMGS HARD)

    Step 3: Start up imgburn (or sumthing else). if its ImgBurn you need to click Write image file to disc

    Step 4: Select the .iso of the game you are burning. In ImgBurn click the small button with a folder and a magnifiying glass

    Step 5: Change the write speed. Most people say 2x, 3x, 4x, or something. Anything works really, just dont go too fast. Just do anything from 2-4. 4x is the best for me, especially on guitar hero.

    Step 6: Start teh burninz!

    On the wii: if you have cIOSCORP you can launch from the disc channel. otherwise u need to use a backup launcher, such as NeoGamma.

    USB Loading:
    About as easy as making MultiGame GC ISOs.
    Note: For this you need a USB Flash Drive or Hard drive. Not all work on the wii. Check the compatability here.

    Step 1: Depending on your version of windows, download the Windows XP Version or the Windows Vista/7 Version of WBFS Manager.

    Step 2: Insert your USB Device into your computer. If you have anything on it BACK IT UP because you will delete everything off it. If you are using a hard drive and you don't want to delete stuff, check out Fav's wonderful multi partition guide

    Step 3: Open up WBFS Manager. There will be an options window, just exit out of it

    Info for step 3: on the left side, there are options for doing stuff on your USB Device. On the right side, there are options for your computer's drive. If you click Drive-to-Drive, it has options for a second USB Device.

    Step 4: At the top, change Drive: C To the drive your USB Device is inserted in. To check, go to My Computer and find the letter of the drive that your usb is inserted in. If you don't know which one the usb drive is, insert the usb drive and when something pops up, click the option to view files. You can then find out the Drive from there

    Step 5: Click the Format button.

    Step 6: Click the Load button

    Info on buttons:

    On the right side:
    Browse: browses your computer for iso files to place onto your USB Device.

    Remove from list: removes the selected ISO from the list

    Rename: Renames the selected ISO. This option is there because sometimes the game names can show up different on the wii.

    Create Channels: this is used to create channels that launch games on the wii menu. See the last part of the USB Loader portion of this guide for more.

    Add to drive: Adds all of the wii games on the list to the USB Drive.

    Clear: Clears the entire list of ISOs.

    On the left side:
    Delete: Removes the selected ISO off the drive

    Rename: Renames the selected ISO. This option is there because sometimes the game names can show up different on the wii.

    Extract ISO: This feature is awesome, it lets you backup your own wii games. Using USB Loader GX on the wii, there is an option called install. You can put a disc in the wii and install it onto your USB Device(so you could rent a game and secretly keep it forever... don't look at me, I haven't done it). Then when you go on your computer and load up WBFS Manager, you can press this button and the wii iso will go on your computer. Technology is amazing, isn't it.

    Clone: This takes all the ISOs on the drive and puts them on another drive, hence the clone.

    So, if you want to put games on, use the browse button and then the Add to Drive button.

    On your wii:
    On the back of your wii are 2 places to insert your USB Drive. You want to put it in on the left one.

    Step 1: Open up USB Loader GX

    Step 2: Click on a game

    Step 3: Click the spinning disc

    Ta da!

    Some games don't like to work,

    I can haz feedbax now?
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