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Thread: can i mod without internet connection?

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    Unhappy can i mod without internet connection?

    i have sd card with everything i need on it , and was wondering if i can do this without being connected to internet? my wii is version 3.1 any help is greatly appreciated , thanks!

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    can i mod without internet connection?

    hmmmm... you have an sd card with everything you need in it. of course you can hack your wii with that without internet, your on 3.1 you need internet by hacking wii only if you wanna downgrade your firmware. just do it man. he he
    ps. if you wanna upgrade your firmware dont forget to make a nand copy :P

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    i have a 4.0 wii and i modded without internet connection. never new why it said you needed one until i read DragonFlly25's post.

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    i softmodded my 3.4e and then updated it to 4.1e without internet connection. thanks to dogeggs tuturial and gen's advice.


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