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    Exclamation Dvd playback

    hello all here is my issue, I have done some extensive reading and looking around to solve this problem and cannot come up with a solution.

    wii version 4.2U
    HBC, VC, Emulators from ps1, 64, sega, nintendo, super nintendo, and many other things installed and working great, emulators and etc.

    today I tried to get my wii setup for dvd playback and have been far from successful, I have dvdx installed, I installed the latest version of mplayer and also tried several other versions including .75, without the ios202 installed all versions of the mplayer load just fine but obviously dont do dvd playback, I have tried installing ios202 over and over again and it installs properly, and to no avail does it work, I have tried installing it with dvdx installed and uninstalled, I have used title deleter every time before I try to reinstall it, the first time I ran the install it failed because I used ios36 which apparently didnt have fake sign, so i switched to ios249 and havent had any problems installing it at all, I am using the newest version of the dvd and usb support installer to do this with as well, with ios202 installed all versions of mplayer freeze at the initial loading screen and lockup my wii, without ios202 installed it loads fine and doesnt lock up the wii. I would like to get this set up for dvd use and also want to beable to boot up gc backups in the near future as well. I have also tried both offline and online installs of this.

    anyone got any idea what to do?

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    Whoah fuck man. Runon sentence much? That's pretty hard to read but scanning through, you didn't mention which type of drive you have. Did your Wii come stock with 4.2U? If it did, it is possible you have a Wii with the drive that won't play DVD-R discs at all.
    If this is the case, just go and do a USB drive and use a USB loader (NeoGamma works good, but so does USB Loader GX).

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    it did come stock with 4.2 on it, however from reading around today others on lower versions are having the same freezing issues with 202 installed, would be nice to at least alleviate that problem so i can know for sure if my drive will support the playback or not.


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