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    First i would like to say hello,i am a new member and this is my first post.i got my daughter this wii for is 4.2 i have read so many ways on how to softmod and have made a little head way, i have the homebrew ch.with all the water and bubbles but when i press start network not initialized pops up can someone tell me what do i have to do from this point on been reading for three days now stuck.Thanks

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    How have you been modding your Wii? If you followed this guide: what stage are you on?

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    No i did not use this guide,There was a video on you tube that i used .I did the divx install and every thing,at the very end of this video, this person said their internet server was down and was going to show how to add something else but i had every thing that was needed.i have the home brew ch.but nothing is there.ok i think from reading more that apps and wadmanager is missing also emulators dont know what these things are.thanks


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