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Thread: can i play pal games on a 4.1u?

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    Us can i play pal games on a 4.1u?

    i did dogeggs 3.1-4.1 softmod and added a few extras but i have this game that i believe is pal even though it says ntsc in des. because the tv says it is not supported, not the wii..

    i tried messing with my settings on neogamma r7 rev14 but could only get sound with a black screen no picture.

    am i just out of luck with this game or am i just being a noob??

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    No, you aren't out of luck, from my knowledge, you just need a few IOS's installed (most, if not, all should have been installed when you did softmod your Wii), and to change some of the settings in your launcher. You did make sure you set your launcher to force NTSC?

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    well let me find a dunce cap and go sit myself in the corner before playing this game cause i was forcing pal....

    Thanks LiveGrenade!!!

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    No problem. I've had a similar issue with this myself (although haven't resolved mine yet) with a PAL version of Wii Play.

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