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Thread: STUPID QUESTION! (I did search first..allot)

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    STUPID QUESTION! (I did search first..allot)

    Ok I got through the guide on softmodding my Wii (a 4.2u) and I got it all going nice as far as I can tell.
    One think I'm not understanding, now I can install wads and I run my iso's from my USB drive and such, do I have to install channels the 'hack' way now?
    With the wad app? It's just that my wife loves wii fir and it asked me if I want the wii fit channel, when I agree it just goes to the wii title screen.
    Thanks in advance and sorry if this is hugely dumb.

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    A quick search brought this up. At the very bottom of the page, you can see that you can also install Wii Fit Channel from an SD card. Try downloading the Wii Fit Channel and installing it. If you do come across a .WAD file of the channel, just boot up the HBC and install it in the WAD Manager.


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