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    I just bought a Wii on 6/2/2008. I am waiting for delivery of my D2PRO9 v2.0 presoldered on to a Wii-clip V4C with the triwing from Mod Central Ltd. Now I am hearing that there are some Wiis that are unmoddable. My serial begins with LU5686. Any help is always appreciated.

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    d2pro9 ver 2 works on the unmoddable wiis so no need to worry

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    I have read that people on here are having issues with their D2PROv2 chips. I might buy the new wasabi if I have any problems with the D2PROv2. I could not find verbatim dvds, but I have read on here that there are users that have had good luck using Sony media.

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    Got the chip today and made sure it had the green sticker. Cliped it on to the drive chip and the dvd drive acts like its dead. I am fairly confident the dvd drive is a d2c2. Drive chip is GC2-D2C with no second row of numbers and the second chip is GC2-D1A with a second row of numbers. The red light on the chip stays on all the time and the blue light does not even blink on boot up. Any help and/or suggestions are always appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

    Never mind..... rofl. I was so tired from my son being up all night (I think he might be cutting teeth). All I had to do was connect wire "J" and all is well. Originals and backups work fine! D2PROv2 rocks!!
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