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Thread: Emulators and External HDD's

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    Emulators and External HDD's

    I just bought an HDD that plays wii backup's perfect. What I am trying to do is put NES Roms, N64 Roms on the HDD. With the HDD formatted to WBFS i can't put the files on it.

    I made another partition with normal formatting on the HDD and tried putting the files on it. When I go to run fceugx it tells me it can't find the usb drive.

    Is there any way to put ROMS and Wii iso's on the same HDD.

    All the roms play perfect from my SD card, but i don't want to buy a new SD card just to fill it with ROMS.

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    Worked for me on a fat32 partition. But i have heard just because the drive works with wii games on wbfs, doesn't mean it will work for the homebrew apps on a secondary fat32 partition. Don't know why, dont know if it is 100% accurate, just something i read before.

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    I put the ROMS on a usb flash drive and it works perfect. But again, getting all the files on my external HDD would be best.

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    bump for some help please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lap Rocket View Post
    bump for some help please.
    You must make a FAT32 partition on the HDD with a maximum size of 32 GB (32,768 MB).


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