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Thread: silent hill disk error 002

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    silent hill disk error 002

    i am having problems running the new silent hill game. every time i boot the game with the neo gamma 002 fix launcher i get the error. i have burned plenty of games and they work flawlessly. can anyone help me out?

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    which version of neogamma are you using as i used the latest one and worked fine for me.
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    u need a loader with 002 fix otherwise it wont work hdd or back up disc

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattmoda View Post
    u need a loader with 002 fix otherwise it wont work hdd or back up disc
    i do use a loader with the 002 fix but it still wont boot.

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    im getting the same error but with 3 new wii games my friend downloaded and burnt on the weekend
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    Having similar issues with geometry wars galaxy - even though its an old game.

    For your problem, load up WIU and remove the update ( brickblocker ) and change region if need be......gluck

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    haha i got it to work. thanks for all your input guys! *closed*

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    Silent hill not working

    how did you get silent hill to work, used latest neogamma with 002 fix but i get (gameid). dol is missing
    Then used zelda backup and I got 002 error any help would be appreciated


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