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Thread: guitar hero 5 & band hero disc load, v4.2

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    guitar hero 5 & band hero disc load, v4.2

    Mod Wii according to the following guide:

    Be sure to install the IOS's in step D5

    Install IOS56:

    Use the following guide to download and install SoftChip only (other links are dead/give error):

    Open SoftChip and use the following settings (do not insert game yet):
    IOS 223 (use the + button to change)
    Remove 002 Protection: Enabled
    Load Requested IOS: Enabled

    Press A, then insert game.
    Try re-burning the game at 1x if this does not work.

    Worked for me, hope it helps..

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    personally i dont think there is any need for this guide since it has already been covered by Demo777 here and as for links not 100% working takes little time to read throught the pages to see the new links to the files.
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    Guitar Hero DLC tutorial

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    Demo777's guide uses IOS 232 which is not necessary if you already have IOS 223. Most people who used Messie's full hacking guide for 4.2 system menus already have IOS 223 and don't need to waste time finding & installing IOS 232.

    Personally, I was not able to get either game to work using Demo777's guide alone. Although it pushed me in the right direction, I did a decent amount of research to figure it out and find working links. Just trying to make it easier for others who are in the same situation. Not trying to 1-up anyone.

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