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Thread: Exception (DSI) occured! Help please

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    Exclamation Exception (DSI) occured! Help please

    Hi all. I recently installed the homebrew channel on my 4.2u wii, I mainly did it to hack on Mario kart wii and legend of Zelda twilight princess. The apps I have are gecko os 1.9.2, homebrew browser, media player, and wad manager. For about a week it all worked perfectly. Now when I try to load the codes through gecko, it says exception (dsi) occured and then my wii freezes. If I try to load the game without loading codes, but still through gecko, it works. Ony when I try to load codes it freezes. My other apps are still working just fine. If you know what I have to do to have gecko start working again please help. Also, I downloaded dvdx and not bootmii, I don't know if that matters cause I'm a noob but idk. Thanks for any help.

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    Trying not to sound rude, but this is why you aren't getting replies Let me google that for you
    Please remember to thank if I have helped you in any way!

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    Well I already did that and did some pretty good research but I can't find a solution to MY problem. So if anyone can answer my question I would greatly appreciat it.

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