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Thread: A TriWing Alternative

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    Cool A TriWing Alternative

    You can improvise a trywing driver pretty easily if you have a small grinding tool like a dremel and a #10 Torx driver you can part with. Simply grind off every other point of your #10 torx and then a little extra so you are actually "inverting" the point into a "v" and there you have it, a Trywing driver. Mine works great, never had a problem with it.

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    You can get a Triwing for $0.96 with Free shipping (Yes 96 cents shipped)


    They also have other Wii Accessories

    Wii Accessories

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    DealExtreme is a blessing isn't it. i just ordered a 1 gb sandisk for my wii for 8 bucks

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    I just ordered the 480p cable for 6 bucks.


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