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Thread: hello everyone, quick question

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    hello everyone, quick question

    Hello how is everyone ! i have modded xbox 360 before but never a wii and im looking for some pointers. Would you be so kind as to suggest a modchip and a reputable place to purchase. Also please recommend a chip that will work with any drive so i don't have to go through the trouble of identifying. Im trying to help a friend mod his wii so any help would be greatly appreciated, thx

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    Alright just to clarify i have done some research im not looking for a gimme. I would assume since canadamods is a site sponsor they are reputable and im thinking about getting this modchip - Official Distributor of Wiikey, WiiKey 2, D2PRO 9, Wii-Clip, Wasabi V3, WiiZard, D2SUN, D2CKEY and more - DriveKey + Security Triwing Screwdriver + Precision Philips Driver is that a good call ? thx

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    well this forum is worthless thx for nothing i will not be returning !!

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    Meh you didnt even give people a chance to answer, I would say bye but your not gonna see this are you?

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    Why bother spending money on modchips and void your warranty when you can just softmod following tutorials?


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